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Super-Shareable is a new digital format that's set to revolutionise how people interact with brands online.

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Your new campaign microsite? With Super-Shareable, people will see it - in its entirety - in blogs, forums and other websites. There's no more click-throughs, you can take your campaign to them. Easily embedded and fully responsive, Super-Shareable delivers your campaign where you'll be guaranteed eyeballs, interaction, and most importantly, results. Whether it's apps, videos, quizzes or games, your audience will be engaged, start seeding - and share like never before.

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Super-Shareable pulls through content themes from offline advertising and brings them online, acting as the missing link that marketers have been crying out for.

Why be constrained by banner ads or ad blockers? Instead you'll get better conversion rates by delivering the campaign narrative as originally intended. And the best part? Super-Shareable lives up to its name with the click of a button. It's so easy that anyone can share your campaign on their blog.

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Unrestricted results.

With Super-Shareable, your campaign comes to life within a fully responsive elastic container. It automatically resizes to a mobile, tablet or desktop display.

Like a banner ad, Super-Shareable is 100% measureable. But unlike a banner, it can be placed almost anywhere. And users will engage with it, not go out of their way to avoid it. Happy days.

Super-Shareable is
100% measureable via
Google Analytics

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The power of blogging.

Blogs are trusted and relaxed in style, so it's no wonder that nearly 40% of U.S. companies use them for marketing.1 Or that marketers that blog are 13x more likely to generate a positive ROI.1

They're the perfect place for Super-Shareable campaigns. Bloggers are constantly wanting media-rich, engaging content without driving traffic off their site. Think of Super-Shareable as an RSS feed on steroids, guaranteeing more visitors with a longer dwell time. A longer dwell time looking at your brand.

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Build-up your traffic.

The traffic doesn't stop there. When people have enjoyed and consumed the Super-Shareable content but are hungry for more, where do you think they're likely to end up?

That's right, the brand's site for the main course. Whether it's the blogger's site or yours, Super-Shareable Is the sure fire way to drive more traffic. Not forgetting those tasty bonuses for your SEO Strategy also!

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Make your
budget go further.

50% of all advertising budgets are now spent on digital.3 Long gone are the days where you'd create a site and banner ads. Today, you need something fresh.

If you're looking to spend your digital budget, look no further than Super-Shareable. It's the fastest way to get your campaign to market. No more lethargic I.T. departments not publishing your content. No more competing with sister brands on your main site homepage. Get the prominence you deserve with Super-Shareable.

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Try it for yourself.

Madonna and LiveNation announced the worldwide 'Rebel Heart Tour' in early 2015, and agreed to use the new Super-Shareable content format to promote an accompanying global online Twitter competition.

The Madonna 'Rebel Heart Tour' online competition allows users from various territories around the globe to Tweet to Enter and win tickets, hotels and flights to see the Madonna show. It is intended to promote the global tour across social channels and grow Twitter followers, and with the new Super-Shareable tech the promotional site can also be easily embedded within fan sites, news sites and blogs with just a few clicks. This is the first time that LiveNation have run a global competition of this magnitude, and the first time that one of worlds biggest music superstars has gone Super-Shareable!


Try it for yourself.

Satsuma offer small, short term loans that are cheaper than their competitors and that can be paid back in manageable segments. They are responsible too, and make sure their clients are educated and informed, and can afford their repayments.

We were approached by Smoking Gun PR to create a visual report on how 'clued up' people are about cash. The brief then developed and eventually became a multiple choice quiz that offers tips as you go through the various screens, with users given a shareable verdict on how savvy they are when it comes to money. The great Satsuma branding allowed for some wonderful colours and animation, while the quiz educates and informs too. And it’s also Super-Shareable!


Try it for yourself.

From January 2015, new accounting rules on balance sheet presentation came into place under FRS102. As the market-leading accountancy software company Sage took the lead in spreading the news to accountants and asked Modern-English to help.

Our solution was deceptively simple; an interactive balance sheet that illustrated the new format and highlight the key changes line by line. The key to success for this communication was to get it in all the right places as quickly as possible, so our Super-Shareable format was ideal, enabling the content live on websites, blogs and news sites - everywhere accountants go for the latest information.


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